Letter to Our Campers

Chers campeurs,

We will deeply miss each and every one of you this summer. We want you to know that as we have been thinking through each aspect of this decision, we have had your faces, your friendships, and your joy at the forefront of our minds. We are so sad that you will not be boarding the Ferry Queen this summer and joining us on Canoe Island. We know that this is hard and we know that you will feel disappointment at this news.

Whether this summer was going to be your first year or seventh year as a camper, we know you were excited.  We were, too.  We have been planning for your arrival since last September, and we have already started planning 2021 so we can give you an amazing experience next year.

While we know that the parts of French Camp that you love cannot be easily replicated while we are physically apart, we are eager to stay in touch this summer and we are working on creating some opportunities for connection. We will be coordinating online French classes, virtual Inspiration Point/Jacques Martin, craft projects via snail mail, and some other activities to help keep all of us inspired and connected. We will be announcing these opportunities on our social media sites (Instagram and Facebook) as well as via email to your parents.

We are truly sorry for the impact this closure has on all of you. Our greatest wish would be to see all of you on Canoe Island to form the loving, incredible camp community and to experience a bit of “normal life” at camp. We look forward to the time when we can be together again.

Ben and Margaret