Over half of our campers each year discover Canoe Island French Camp via word-of-mouth, either from friends, family, or alumni. The community of curious and spirited campers that has supported CIFC throughout the years makes our French Camp the unique and formative experience that it is.  If you would like to talk with a parent in your area about their child’s experience at Canoe Island French Camp, please contact us and we will put you in touch with a CIFC community member. Watch the video below and read the testimonials for first-person accounts of the Canoe Island French Camp experience.

On community

“I can honestly say that I have never been as accepted, welcomed, and happy in any other place than in Canoe.”

“We looked at Canoe from over on the beach at Shaw Island. It is a place of extraordinary beauty and I’m very thankful you can share it with my child. She really felt supported and loved there-she is very sensitive to social dynamics and it felt like a place of extraordinary kindness to her.”

“Like you, Joseph, who said on the biking trip, “we stick together like a pod of Orcas,” I felt upon leaving the Island that I was leaving behind 44 brothers and sisters.”

On French

“Frank came back with more French bursting out of him than he did at school in French immersion. Great going!”

“At Canoe, I learned so much French! I realized when I came home I knew how to ask and say things in French that I did not know before. Canoe created this love inside of me for French culture. Thanks to Canoe I have made it my goal to be fluent in French and hopefully be able to study there when I am older. When I am in French class in school I put so much effort into it now than I did last year before camp because I am so determined to get better at the language!”

“Max learned a bunch of new French and loved being introduced to French musicians, French slang, and French cuisine.”

“The great strength of CIFC’s French program is the opportunity to study in French (not through English) and with fluent French speakers. E was in the Advanced group this year and is looking forward to being especially well-prepared for French 4 in school.”

On the meals

“Apparently the food at Canoe Island is “the best” and similar food cooked at home just doesn’t hold up. Definitely it expanded his culinary horizons.”

“Our son said the food was some of the best he’s ever had!”

“Food food food…that is all I heard about. How perfect it is, how appealing, how delcious.”

“The food was outstanding. Lilli raved about how great it was. Thank you for all of the attention to her allergies. She loved all of the fresh and in house made food! Thank you!!”

On Staff

“Quite simply this is the best possible summer camp that we could have found for our children. They have the most amazing experiences, with caring, engaged adults who truly love what they are doing and give 110% to the children. This is what summer and being a child is all about… memories that will last a lifetime.”

“I think one of the things that made this camp so unbelievably special was the people. I have never met such an amazing group of people, especially the animateurs. They made me feel so welcome. As the days went on and I got to know them better I came to realize that they were such amazing role models. Especially the frenchies! They made camp so incredible! I will never forget them.”

“Beautiful setting with great staff. A combination that offers great learning opportunities and a chance to make new friends. Thank you for a wonderful summer experience.”

Experience overall

“Lilli had an experience that she will cherish forever. She continues to talk about her experiences and the friendships she made. This camp has made an incredible impact on her life. She is so excited to return. We can’t wait to see how her French has improved in class this year after her experience. Not only the benefit of learning French, but the friendships, bonds, and experiences she had will have a life long impact. Thank you!”

“I love that Max came home with so much enthusiasm. He wants to work around the house to earn money for a guitar. He has gained so much confidence and is so appreciative.”

“When I picked my son up the first words out of his mouth were “when can I come back !” Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful experience for all of these kids! We will definitely sign up again!”

“CIFC has been a tremendous pleasure for E for her three years — as a summer camp , as a community & as a way to enhance her French — and we will continue to recommend it to friends. Thank you so much!”